Sales Incentive Poll: Getting Motivated

We at Spear One pride ourselves in delivering the most unique and memorable incentive programs for our clients. In the interest of continuing our tradition of unforgettable service, we would be grateful if you took a brief moment to help us get a better idea of what motivates you.

If you don’t see your answer(s) in the choices listed let us know in the comment section below!

[socialpoll id=”2444006″ path=”/polls/2444006″ width=”505″] [socialpoll id=”2444023″ path=”/polls/2444023″ width=”505″] [socialpoll id=”2444028″ path=”/polls/2444028″ width=”505″] [socialpoll id=”2444031″ path=”/polls/2444031″ width=”505″] [socialpoll id=”2444036″ path=”/polls/2444036″ width=”505″]

Now, for a little bit about yourself:

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Thank you for your response!

Check out our sales incentive portfolio to see if there’s a program fit for your company!


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