Ignite Incentive Platform

Behind the scenes of your incentive program lies the backbone of its success. More than a pretty design, the technology supporting your program is vitally important to its performance and long-term maintenance. Your program demands a technically sound, scalable, and sustainable platform of delivery.  Ignite™ is Spear One’s flexible SaaS platform that enables quick launch and provides robust technical options for best-in-class program design and maintenance of your online incentive program site.

Using flexible features and proprietary templates, Ignite accelerates the development of your site allowing you to quickly implement, communicate and administer program elements without sacrificing creativity or complexity of design. Driven by the options important to each unique incentive program, every Ignite site includes the ability to gather a wealth of data to assist in evaluating details and making agile adjustments over the life of the program.

Technically Advanced and Feature Rich

Along with the graphically engaging appearance of your incentive program site, Ignite sites include these standard technical features:

Ignite Incentive Programs Platform by Spear One - Benefits at a Glance
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  • Custom Program URL
  • Secure, Tier 1 data center to host your domain
  • Customizable databases that detail participant demographics, eligible products, rewarded behaviors, sales submission claims, scoring logic rules, point tracking, award fulfillment, and reporting
  • Customized file layout, field descriptions, scripts, and database rules
  • Scripts to import files, perform quality review of data, calculate points earned, and update point totals

Easy to administer, evaluate and adjust, the Spear One Ignite platform is your path to successful incentive program delivery.

Ignite™ Features

Ignite provides a flexible platform for buliding your branded incentive program.

Every Ignite site is fully customizable to match your brand standards, but we don’t start from scratch. The development of your site is accelerated through the use of our extensive library of proprietary templates. You select the elements of your program, and we create an engaging, aesthetic site.

Graphical elements available include web banners with logos, themed titles, motivational slogans, and many other possibilities.  Each site includes a CSS style sheet to ensure the colors, branding and messaging carry through the site progression.

Basic Ignite sites include up to 8 pages of information and program details (additional pages available as an add-on). Common page options include:

  • Home Page
  • Program Rules
  • Current Promotions
  • Claim Submission Form
  • Participant Profile Page
  • Award Catalog
  • Award Redemption
  • Terms & Conditions
  • FAQs
  • Contact Page

Registering particpants is easy with Ignite Incentive Programs platform from Spear One.

From custom form fields to automatic enrollment, getting participants registered has never been easier.  Provide a pre-registration list and we'll populate account profiles for you. Participants need only create a password to begin using the site. Once registered, users receive confirmation on screen and via email.  Participants also have profile editing capabilities and can view claims, points achieved, redeemed and pending, and balances.

Claims submission to your incentive program is simplified by Ignite from Spear One.

As participants achieve awards, access to a dynamic data entry claims submission form allows for quick collection of achievement details. The form, built to your exact specifications, works asynchronously with the Ignite server to qualify and verify achievements according to program rules and scoring. You also have the option to provide monthly achievement activity reports via automated electronic submission for direct import to the database. Additionally, participants may manually submit achievement details themselves.

Achievement information is electronically confirmed by the back-end Promotion Management System (PMS) which verifies, groups, processes and assigns points to qualified entries. The PMS also provides the ability to track claims by SKU, product family, partner, participant, geography, date and other demographic information.

Award options are easy with the Ignite Incentive Program platform from Spear One.

Travel, gift cards, merchandise and even experiential awards; your rewards options are endless. Ignite sites can include anything from a complete merchandise catalog to a selection of merchant cards.  Want to build promotions around specific items or create daily deals to encourage engagement? Thinking of adding a sweepstakes drawing to your program? Ignite makes it all possible.

The Ignite Incentive Program platform allows for quick and easy mesaurement of your program results.

Working daily with many organizations creating and delivering incentives, Spear One understands the importance of analyzing program performance. With Ignite, you have access to extensive pre-defined reports for complete insight to participants, behaviors, usage and more. Standard reports include:

  • Enrollment
  • Claim Submissions (summary and detailed)
  • Points by sales rep, company, geographical region, offer, product line, and SKU
  • Redemptions
  • Summary Dashboard Reports
  • Website Usage Statistics
  • Drill down capabilities and complete export to Excel and .csv formats

Spear One offers dedicated participant support for your incentive program.

Spear One's Incentive Program delivery includes a dedicated program manager to assist with design, implementation, assessment and maintenance. Our experts work closely with you and your participants to ensure smooth administration of your program and its unique needs.


Ignite™ Advanced Options

Create custom incentive programs that meet your unique goals with Ignite from Spear One.

Need international or more complex program design elements? Ignite's capabilities include scalable options (available for an additional fee) to allow for more intricate design.

Scoring & Claims

Implement complex forms and scoring logic including multi-branch claim forms, multipliers, point tiers, point splitting, accelerators, or sale point pre-qualifiers.

Rights & Roles

Grant segregated access or permissions to sales or product managers using regional or product specific add-on portals.  Create multiple, segregated approvals of claim batches and invoices by geography, product, or organization functional roles (i.e., marketing, product management, accounting, or senior management). 

International considerations

Include a catalog of international merchandise for delivery of rewards across your global programs. While we generally recommend English only (as the global standard business language) to facilitate accelerated launch times and lower startup expenses, Spear One supports translation services for a variety of languages for an additional fee.